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Digital Marketing Tactics for B2B Companies: 3 Online Methods for Increased Pipeline

In 2018, a website is an accepted vehicle known to deliver new revenue opportunities to your pipeline.

That’s why companies spend billions of dollars on buying online media to drive visitors to their websites each year. It’s also why Google made almost 100 billion in ad revenue in 2017.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that digital marketing trends are constantly shifting.

And with these shifts come ever-evolving best practices when discussing marketing ideas.

That side, a lesser known fact is, it is more beneficial to increase the number of current website visitors to take a desired action, rather than solely focus on bringing in new website visitors.

And the best part?

This strategy will continue to serve your organization by increasing customer lifetime value & decreasing cost per acquired lead across future marketing channels well beyond 2018.

Common logic would dictate if 10, 000 website visitors equalled 75 new meaningful leads, then doubling pipeline acquisition is simple math: double the amount of people visiting the website to 20, 000.

And I am not arguing that… but getting new traffic to a website, while important, is expensive, risky & time consuming.

What if we simply doubled the amount of people that turned into a meaningful lead from within the original 10, 000 website visitors?

So, let’s move the conversation away from Adwords,  social media, and search engine optimization and other forms of obtaining new website visitors, and focus on improving what we already have.

Here are three simple B2B marketing strategies and tactics to increase the number of meaningful leads, without draining your annual budget on buying up new media.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is the old dog in the online marketing space, and B2B email marketing is no different.

An easy win to increase your businesses revenue from online marketing channels is to “capture” website visitors and move the conversation from your website, to their personal email inbox.

If you search this topic online you’ll find many people over complicating it, however it is very simple to deploy.

To do this successfully, all you need to do is three things.

First, develop an “ethical bribe” that not only stands out to your ideal prospect, but also helps continue to educate and sell on your behalf.

If you were a national organic dog food supplier targeting pet store chains, a white paper on “10 common dog food ingredients that are slowly killing your customer’s dog” would immediately stand out to someone who sold dog food in their stores and wanted to best for their customers.

It would also educate them on why your product is superior to your competitors – without immediately calling any one brand out or competitor.

Second, you need to make it available for your prospects to download.

Place a “Click to download!” button prominently on your website.

Here, you’re simply going to trade this informative piece of content for their name & email address.

Third, continue the conversation.

They’ve now “opted-in” to your email list, and you can continue to educate them on your products and services.

I suggest using an automation software like Active Campaign to do this, they make it easy & you can scale with the software as your organization’s needs grow.

Conversion Rate Optimization

This sounds more technical than it really is.

Conversion rate optimization is the act of making small tweaks on a website to increase the number of people taking action that is valuable to the company’s bottom line, such as purchasing or inquiring about a product or service.

For example, a basic conversion rate optimization test could be to move a button to a different location on the website.

Then you would compare the number of people that clicked that same button to a similar time frame in something like Google Analytics, which is very easy.

Use Google Analytics or similar enterprise capable analytics when doing this.

You can uncover customer intent, needs & pain points that can have a dramatic impact on your overall marketing presentation, along with profitable conversion tweaks.

Don’t get overwhelmed by conversion rate optimization.

While it can be very technical, you start simple.

Generally speaking, the more fine tuned your website is, the more complicated the tests will be.

The majority of websites I see can benefit immediately from simple adjustments, such as making a button more prominent, or adjusting the copy on a call to action.

Remarketing for Business to Business Companies

Remarketing is a form of online marketing that allows your brand to follow your prospects around the internet and show them ads on different platforms.

It’s kind of like recycling, but in the form of new business lead acquisition.

You can bring people back to your website easily and encourage them to take a certain action when you “remarket” to them.

For example, you could show an advertisement to every single person who visited the contact page but did not actually contact you.

Or, you could show a remarketing advertisement to every single person that did submit the form, and educate them further about your services or other related services or products.

That’s just a quick example – get creative and think of all the possibilities that make sense to your company.

When thinking of how you can use B2B remarketing, consider where your prospects hangout. Is it Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter – remarket to them where they are concentrated.

If possible, test all different platforms.

Alright, that’s it

Implementing these 3 tactics into your business will help you realize an immediate increase in revenue.

Not to mention that all your future marketing will be synergized by these techniques that you only have to implement once!

If you want to dig deeper into this topic, head on over to Google and search “B2B conversion rate optimization” or check out this article and you’ll get a load of new ideas!

Or better yet… just call us for a free 30-minute consultation.

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